OAR 863, Division 20

1. 863-020-0010

a) To renew an active license, must certify as follows:

1) Completed 30 hours of continuing education during prior 2 year period from approved courses
2) 30 hours must include 3 hours of the law and rule required course
3) If the renewal is the first one, must complete a 30 hour advanced course — this course includes the law and rule required course (OAR 863-022-020(4) describes the topics that must be included in this 30 hour course)

b) No credit is given for repeating a continuing education topic during the same 2 year period.

c) False certification is grounds for discipline.

2. 863-020-0015

a) Real estate licensee must maintain own continuing education records for 3 years after the renewal date for which the continuing education credit applies

b) Principal broker isn’t required to maintain records for real estate brokers/property managers associated with the principal broker for post 1/1/11 continuing education but is required to maintain records for pre 1/1/11 continuing education

c) Complete records must include:

1) Licensee’s name and license number
2) Name of course
3) Name of course provider and provider number
4) Course identification number assigned by the course provider
5) Eligible course topic
6) Date and location of course
7) Length of course
8) Name of instructor(s)

d) Licensee must maintain all certificates of completion

e) Licensee must produce records upon request by Real Estate Agency

3. 863-020-0030

a) Real Estate Agency assigns a provider number to each approved continuing education provider

b) Real Estate Agency website to list certified course providers, including

1) Provider name, mailing address, physical address and phone number
2) Provider’s authorized contact person, title, phone number and email address
3) Provider’s website
4) Provider’s course presentation formats (live/on-line, etc)
5) Date of certification and provider number

4. 863-020-0035

a) Eligible course topics

1) Principal broker or property manager record-keeping
2) Principal real estate broker supervision responsibilities
3) Principal broker or property manager clients trust accounts
4) Agency relationships and responsibilities for brokers, principal brokers or property managers
5) Misrepresentation in real estate transactions
6) Property management
7) Advertising regulations
8) Real estate disclosure requirements
9) Real estate consumer protection
10) Anti-trust issues in real estate transactions
11) Commercial real estate
12) Real estate contracts
13) Real estate taxation
14) Real estate property evaluation, appraisal or valuation
15) Fair housing laws
16) Managing a real estate brokerage
17) Business ethics
18) Risk management
19) Dispute resolution
20) Real estate finance
21) Real estate title
22) Real estate escrows
23) Real estate development
24) Condominiums
25) Subdivisions
26) Unit owner or home owner associations
27) Timeshares
28) Water rights
29) Environmental protection issues
30) Land use planning, zoning or other public limitations on use
31) Real estate economics
32) Negotiations

b) The following NO NOT COUNT:

1) Real estate broker or property manager pre-licensing courses
2) Examination preparation courses
3) Sales meetings
4) Motivational classes
5) Time management classes
6) Sales and marketing classes
7) Psychology classes
8) Trade association orientation courses