ORS 696.182

1. Real Estate Agency to develop rules to certify continuing education provider

2. A provider must be one of the following:

a) Main or branch office of a real estate broker or principal real estate broker
b) A title or escrow company
c) A real estate trade association (a local, state or national organization whose members include real estate licensees or title companies) or a trade association in a related field

1) Appraisers
2) Architects
3) Contractors
4) Home inspectors
5) Mortgage bankers
6) Mortgage brokers
7) Professional engineers
8) Securities broker dealers/salespersons
9) Surveyors
10) Tax professionals

d) A real estate multiple listing service
e) A private career school approved by the Real Estate Agency
f) An accredited community college approved by the Real Estate Agency
g) A distance learning provided approved by the Real Estate Agency
h) Another provider approved by the Real Estate Agency

3. Real Estate Agency is required to provide a list of approved course topic and learning objectives for each course topic

4. Minimum length of a course is 1 hour with no more than 10 minutes of breaks per hour of instruction.